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Centre for Human Rights & Governance supports and promotes local rule of law, citizen participation, accountability through a combination of research and actions that strengthen existing local capacities to promote democratic governance. The aim to promote local governance is because, more than two decades of misrule and civil wars have devastated the country’s leadership, social fabric, citizen participation, and democratic values.

It strives for democratic governance which is about how interests are articulated, resources are managed and power is exercised. Underlying it are the rules, processes and behaviour which determine how the state serves its citizens.

There is no gainsaying that there is a need to build a democratic culture in DR Congo especially at this point in time wherein many countries are in democratic transitions. We partner with other organizations, the government, legislators and the international community to ensure that democratic culture, principles and institutions ideal for the advancement of human rights and individual freedom are nurtured.

We encourage state officials to take positive steps to build and nurture appropriate modifying political institutions and giving the population the opportunity to be actively involved in the political life of the State.

Though the character of the Centre for Human Rights and Governance in DRC remains apolitical, we seek the introduction and development of the culture of democracy without furthering the political agenda of any political association.

Supporting democratic processes and good governance

Democratic governance is the bedrock of the Centre for Human Rights & Governance’s system of values and standards. We work to optimize democratic governance to help institutions operate...